LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– The Desert Shores community is getting ready to comply with the mandatory turf conversion, but many residents are not in favor of what they are hearing.

The board’s most effective option for the turf conversion is costing homeowners in the community hundreds of dollars and sparking a lot of questions.

“They want us to take it out and put a low water desert landscape which actually makes it hotter,” said Jean Zei.

Zei has been a Desert Shores resident since 2015 and is not a fan of the communities association’s turf conversion plan.

“What they are proposing, they have on bidder for one phase and they propose a $4.5 million worth of work which doesn’t have to be started until 2026,” Zei said.

Last summer, state lawmakers enacted Assembly Bill 356 which prohibits the use of the Colorado River water to irrigate nonfunctional turf after January 2027.

“It’s very upsetting because as a family we do enjoy the lagoon, the grass and trees. We love nature and it’s a different element that we enjoy,” said Jose Garcia, Desert Shores resident.

According to the association’s newsletter, the board has been working with the Southern Nevada Water Authority to determine exactly how much turf will be required to be removed.

Desert Shores residents told 8 News Now that they currently pay about $100 a month for landscaping services. In addition to that fee, there would be a one-time charge of $1,600 for single-family homes and $800 for those living in condominiums for the turf conversion. Residents will have two years to pay that amount.

“It’s too much money. It’s three times my car payment and for some people, it is a whole mortgage payment,” said Zei.

8 News Now reached out to the Desert Shores Community Association about the issue and was told the request was passed on to its lawyers and that someone would respond. There has been no response yet. The next board meeting will take place on July 27.