Commissioners may soon give approval for master community near Red Rock Canyon

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Seven years after a proposal was approved, Clark County Commissioners may be ready to give the green light to a controversial housing development near Red Rock Canyon, but there are still some hurdles.

It turns out, the developer has not met all of the conditions imposed by Clark County Commissioners when they first approved the proposal, but that doesn’t mean the project is on hold.

Blue Diamond resident Jody Lyman says she has a lot of questions regarding the plans for a master planned community at the Blue Diamond Hill Gypsum Mine near her town and Red Rock Canyon.

“Just really want to have a good understanding of what its gonna look like,” Lyman said. 

Local developer Jim Rhodes purchased the property in 2002.  Clark County Commissioners approved a concept plan in 2011, along with a list of conditions.

“Just wanting to know that it’s gonna be a respectful space and not just try to get as much density as possible up there,” Lyman stated.

Clark County records show the developer is asking commissioners to waive two of the conditions and allow them to move forward.
The first is the right-of-way approval from the Bureau of Land Management to build an access road that connects to the new community.  The developer has filed paperwork that says they’ve started the application process, but it has not been completed.
The second hurdle is that there isn’t an access point onto Highway 159, which hugs around Red Rock.
The company is asking for permission to use it during construction.

“It’s a very dangerous situation where you; just all different types of traffic in the same road,” said Heather Fisher, the president of Save Red Rock.

Save Red Rock is an environmental group opposing the housing development.

“We just think that Red Rock Canyon should be set aside, conserved as a place to simply go and recreate for everyone,”: Fisher said.

8 News NOW tried to get a response from the developer, but a spokesperson for Rhodes could not be reached for comment.

On Wednesday, Clark County Commissioners will vote on three agenda items that will decide the future of the Blue Diamond Hill Development.

Newly elected commissioner, Justin Jones represented Save Red Rock in a lawsuit against Clark County and the developer.  The lawsuit has since been dropped.  

Jones will be sworn in next month and has told the environmental group he will be voting on future matters regarding the housing project.    

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