LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — William D’Falco was killed in a crash early Saturday morning in North Las Vegas while he was riding his motorcycle to work, and his team at Craig Road Car Wash are fondly remembering him.

Workers at the business said D’Falco spent almost two decades there. They said he greeted customers and helped run day-to-day operations, and loved riding his motorcycle to work.

His picture shone on their company sign on Tuesday.

“Everyone knows him, even the customers,” said manager Charlie Drake. “When they come in, he knows what they want, that’s how close to the customers he was.”

The team continued to push through their day with heavy hearts.

“We have been working together for about 18 years and we have a routine together,” Drake continued. “We came in together around the same time.”

His colleagues said he he faced many challenges along the way after leaving Cuba, including surviving a previous motorcycle crash.

“That morning, I knew something was not right, it’s not like him,” Drake said. “He is never late or he calls me that he is going to be a little late.”

According to North Las Vegas police, 29-year-old Thomas Munoz was driving a sedan at a high rate of speed on Allen Lane Saturday morning and ran a red light, colliding with D’Falco’s motorcycle on Ann Road.

Driver arrested in North Las Vegas sedan vs motorcycle crash (North Las Vegas Police)

Munoz was arrested and faces several charges, including DUI causing death, failing to stop to traffic or use his lights, reckless driving and failing to render aid at the scene of the accident, and failing to wear a seat belt.

A fundraiser has been established to help D’Falco’s family, and those who wish to donate can do so through this link.