LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The rain and cold weather have caused a slow start to this year’s pool season.

Luis Bernal, the manager of Lindley’s Pool and Spa, services pools around the valley.

“Usually, they open the pools on April 1st,” Bernal said. “We’re supposed to be at 75 degrees and heat up the pools to 80 or 85. Because it’s too cold, the homeowners, the HOA’s and people using the pools are impacted because they’re debating if they should open on time.”

Trevor Boucher, lead meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Las Vegas, said the valley has started off much cooler this year than in years past.

“This is one of only four times in recorded history that we haven’t seen 75 degrees not be reached in March,” Boucher said. “You’ve probably looked outside and seen a lot of days where it’s been cloudy and rainy. That’s not usual for March.”

Despite the rain, it may come as a surprise that Southern Nevada continues to remain below average for rainfall.

“We’ve definitely seen above average days that we’ve had potential rainfall or rainfall in the valley, but it hasn’t been enough to be accumulating to be above average,” Boucher added.

The same cannot be said when it comes to snowfall, it has been great for ski resorts.

“The Sierra Nevada is well over 200% of their snowpack in that area and the Spring Mountains have also seen well above average as well but that’s where all the moisture’s gone,” Boucher explained.

As for Bernal, he thinks it will be another few weeks until you can be in your pool.

“Usually on the weekends, we see a lot of people using the pools,” Bernal explained. “About 15 to 20 people, even in the shade, they’ll come sunbathing. We don’t see anybody now sunbathing.”