LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Unusually cold spring temperatures are affecting everything from pool season to gardeners. Some plants are timid and do not know if they should push to new growth while others are flourishing.

As of Monday, gardeners and nurseries across the Las Vegas valley were starting to get busy as we inch closer to warmer spring temperatures.

Late March is the optimal time to plant your garden so your plants can get grow roots before the heat, Brandon Fox at Moon Valley Nurseries said. For your current garden, Fox said it is best to get some fertilizer down.

According to Las Vegas-area nurseries, the best plants to grow in the desert are fast-growing and can take the high winds such as desert trees, shrubs, and a favorite for privacy: the Japanese blueberry hedges.

The key to maintaining your garden is three simple things, according to Fox: Nutrition, water, and trimming.

“If you can tackle those three things, you can not only have a surviving landscape but a thriving one,” he said.