LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — During the COVID-19 pandemic, several people had to adjust to working at home. Though many businesses have opened back up, some owners have discovered the power of hybrid work.

That’s where the co-op model fits in. The Coop, a new southwest valley business, is a co-working space that encourages hybrid work and is helping fuel the trend of working from home.

“A co-working space is a shared work space with flexible work options, focusing on community and collaboration,” said The Coop owner Dana Bergren. “We’re happy to be a platform to people to give them the options for working the way that they want to work.”

Those using co-working spaces may enjoy being able to work with other people while also keeping a space for themselves.

“Working from home is a nice option once in a while, but then you realize you miss that community,” Bergren continued. “That’s the beauty of a co-working space is that it’s flexible, so you can use it how you want, work from home when you want, and then have a place to go where you can see some familiar faces, meet new people, make new business connections.”

The Coop also has a large classroom space in the building, perfect for lectures or seminars to get people together.

According to Dr. Sid Khurana with Nevada Mental Health, using a co-working space helps keep people from feeling isolated and provides them with opportunities for social interaction.

“With remote work, you miss the sense of embodied presence. In in-person interaction, you have non-verbal cues, whole body language, a sense of presence of the other person. When you don’t have that, you miss organic social interactions,” Dr. Khurana told 8 News Now. “Which a place like this, a co-working space, inherently promotes.”

He noted that co-working is helpful to continue to feel closer to those around you while being able to work on your own.

“It increases the sense of connectivity, people feel connected to each other. And when we didn’t have that, there was a lot of isolation,” he said.

The Coop is located at 5955 S Edmond St., near Russell Road and Decatur Boulevard.