LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Now that post-tropical storm Hilary has passed through the southwest, many agencies are focused on the impacts from the last couple of days.  

“We can’t thank the Clark County flood control district enough for having that infrastructure in place, this could’ve been a lot worse of a flooding event if that wasn’t in place,” Dan Berc, the warning coordination meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Las Vegas. said.

He said they work with a number of community partners to determine cleanup efforts from damaged areas.

“The flood control detention basins have been rising associated with this rainfall and they will continue to rise throughout the day today, but they will drain over the next 12-18 hours, and we should see back to normal, and we didn’t really stress the system too much,” Berc added.

From leaves, paint, garden chemicals, and more, Michelle French, the public information manager at the Regional Flood Control District, wants people to be mindful of what they throw out.

“Anything could be washed down into the storm drains through the gutters,” French explained. “It ends up going into our facilities. We’ll see it on some of the trash racks that will show up. It’s a real problem because we see all the garbage and it’s not great for our community. It’s not great for our drinking water because all of that water ends up going to Lake Mead,” French explained.

As trash now piles up in our local washes, French is encouraging people to report it on their website.

“They don’t have to give their name, phone number, or nothing. All they need is the cross streets and we’ll get that information. We’ll have that dispatched out to the city or county public works agency that is responsible for that area,” said French.

8 News Now also reached out to Clark County. They say maintenance crews are focused on assessing damages at Mt. Charleston, which is the hardest hit area.

The public can report plugged inlets and storm drains on streets in unincorporated areas to Public Works at 702-455-6000. You can also report a clogged storm drain here.