LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The weekend thunderstorms that resulted in flooding around the Las Vegas valley left a soggy mess at Discovery Charter School’s Sandhill Campus forcing 150 students out of their classrooms.

Principal Tricia Wilbourne said she was heartbroken when she discovered the damage.

“This is our literacy room where we serve students who are below reading level and the ceiling has collapsed, the room is destroyed, and the teacher obviously can’t work in here. The students will be served next door but it’s not ideal and it is a disaster,” she said.

Water damage in a classroom at Discovery Charter School. (Credit: Discovery Charter School)

Three classrooms at the school are now closed to students because of damage and there is also water damage in the front office and hallway. In addition, the Discovery Charter School’s Hillpointe Campus on the west side of the valley also had damage to three classrooms and had to close those off to students.

Discovery Charter School water damage. (Credit: Discovery Charter School)

Discovery Charter School is a K-8 tuition-free public school that serves around 500 students at the two campuses. Wilbourne said charter schools in Nevada do not receive funds for buildings so money needed for repairs can impact students and teachers.

“So any repairs that are going to be covered will be through insurance — if they cover it — or it’s going to come out of school funds.” The school has set up a Gofundme account to raise $20,000 for repairs.