LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Clark County teachers union, CCEA, is proposing $1.4 billion in new taxes for more school funding. The union unveiled its funding initiative on Monday and they are hoping voters will support their push.

The proposal was laid out in an e-mail that was sent to union members Monday night. In it, CCEA suggests it is taking this push directly to voters because lawmakers have not been receptive to the idea of raising taxes for schools.

The e-mail shows the Clark County Education Association wants to raise an additional $1.4 billion per year. They are bracing for legal challenges, but say they are confident in their efforts.

Screenshot of e-mail sent to union members

The first target is casino revenue. The union filed a petition Monday to raise the gaming tax by 3 percent to 9.75 percent.

Leaders of the union say that alone would raise $350 million every year.

CCEA plans to file a second petition later this week, with plans to raise another $1 billion more in taxes for K-12 education. They did not go into detail yet about that plan.

If these initiatives get enough signatures, they will go to the legislature in the 2021 season. If lawmakers do not approve the new taxes, the measures would then go to a vote of the people in 2022.

According to the American Gaming Association, Nevada has the lowest gaming tax in the nation. Even the proposed 3 percent increase would not come close to the national average for casino taxes.

8 News Now is expecting to learn more about the second initiative petition in the coming week.