LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Masks will no longer be required at all Clark County School District schools beginning at the end of the day Thursday, district officials said.

This applies to all campuses, schools and CCSD facilities. However, masks will still be required on school buses.

“Because COVID-19 continues, students and employees of CCSD can make the individual choice to continue masking,” officials said in a statement. “At this time, all other COVID-19 mitigation measures remain in effect.”

In making his announcement removing the statewide mask mandate on Thursday, Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak said it was up to individual districts to decide procedures inside their schools.

The teachers’ union, CCEA, issued a statement saying it supported the district’s decision.

“CCSD has stated that all other COVID-19 mitigation measures will remain in effect, with that, CCEA
supports CCSD’s decision to end the requirement of masks,” the statement said. “However, CCEA encourages all staff, parents and students to make the best individual choice for them and their family on whether they continue to wear a mask at this time.”