LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Clark County schools have continued to face a teacher shortage, and the nationwide shortage has made it difficult to recruit teachers from elsewhere. 

One CCSD school may have a solution, and it could involve your child. 

Wednesday morning was not the first time high school senior Alfonso Saocido led a classroom discussion. Thanks to Southeast Career Technical Academy, he’s well-versed in it. 

“I want to make a kid feel empowered and enlightened,” Saocido said.  

He’s part of a solution to the ongoing teacher shortage. 

“I feel like I’m needed.” 

And he is. Teacher Sean Stein said the program offers the opportunity to look within. 

“That’s how we take these schools and improve entire neighborhoods,” Stein said.  

Stein has been molding the teachers of tomorrow for 6 years now, and he’s already starting to see the fruits of that labor. 

“By the time they’re 21, they’re going to already have been exposed to the ins and outs, the highs and lows of education for 7 or 8 years,” Stein said.  

They are able to gain both college credit and the “in-classroom” experience some teachers have said is needed to combat the common 5-year burnout. 

It’s senior year for Lily Rose Bingham, who is now taking what she’s learned the last 4 years inside the classroom.  

“That gives us the real experience we need to know if we want to continue in the profession,” Bingham said. “So we’re not having teachers that are going in and hating their job. We want to be there; we want to do it because we know that it’s needed.”  

Although there are still concerns about pay, these future teachers know they will pave the way for our youth. 

The academy takes 500 freshmen each year, but spots fill up fast. You must apply online and students will be selected at the beginning of next month.