LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – According to data 8 News Now obtained, Clark County School District police seized 60 firearms during the 2021-2022 school year, a handful were loaded.

It took more than three months to receive the data following a public records request. The revelation comes at a time when CCSD is considering introducing metal detectors at some high schools when students return in August.

Of the 60 guns CCSDPD seized, 27 had a magazine or were loaded. They were also found on and off campus.

Yet for Detective Matthew Caldwell, whether a gun is loaded or not is beside the point.

“We treat every firearm as being real and being loaded, and we look at that situation where somebody could potentially lose their life and that’s the last thing we want,” Caldwell said. “School is a place where everyone should feel safe.”

Caldwell also serves as the president of the Clark County School District Police Officer’s Association. He stresses that parents need to secure their weapons.

At least five of the guns school police confiscated during 2021-2022 were armed.

One handgun seized on March 16, 2022, had one round in the chamber plus 14 rounds in a magazine.

“When you think about it, how do you stop things from happening? You’re not always going to get a phone call, or a tip that somebody might have a weapon. You need proactive policing as well,” Caldwell said.

Some of the proactive measures include an announcement from CCSD last month it is introducing a pilot program at some high schools that will bring metal detectors. The district also requested $21 million to nearly double its police force from Nevada lawmakers.

Most of the firearms seized were handguns.

Pastor Troy Martinez spoke to 8 News Now regarding safety in schools. Martinez is the founder of Dads in Schools.

“Some of our volunteers have been on campus when large groups get agitated, ready to fight. But because our volunteers are right in the middle, the fight never takes place,” Martinez said.

Dads in Schools is a program that places volunteers at schools across the valley.

Martinez also said that he’s looking to place at least two volunteers at schools. He added that keeping kids and staff safe, must be a community-run effort.

“I know for a fact that young people bring a gun to school because they’re afraid, and if we reduce the fear. We’ll reduce guns at schools,” Martinez said.

Three “ghost guns” were also confiscated. These are guns that don’t have a serial number and are harder to track.

8 News Now reached out to the district for comment on the data, they referred us to this school safety press conference.