LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Clark County School District police had to use pepper spray to break up a fight between students at a high school on Wednesday.

A source told 8 News Now that there was a large fight with several groups at Las Vegas High School and that both students and adults were sprayed with pepper spray.

The principal at Las Vegas High School, Raymond Ortiz sent an email to parents following the incident.

“Today we had a situation where students were involved in an altercation. CCSD Police attempted to break up the fight and deescalate the situation and disperse the crowd. When the officer could not separate the students, they were warned that pepper spray would be utilized. The fight continued and police were forced to use the spray.  As a result, several students who were in the immediate area were possibly affected and provided with treatment by medical staff. This serves as a reminder that students should comply when directed to disperse and to avoid participating by observation.” – Las Vegas High School Principal, Raymond Ortiz

8 News Now spoke with students at Las Vegas High School who said the fight happened during the first of two lunch periods and while they had seen a few fights on campus, Wednesday’s fight was much more intense.

“Two people got hit straight in the eyes, same with the teachers,” a student told 8 News Now.

Some students said the situation made them feel uneasy, while others said this is one of a few incidents they have seen.

“I feel like there have been more fights than usual this year,” another student told 8 News Now.

Any questions from families regarding the incident should be addressed with the school administration at 702-799-0180.