LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Nearly two months into the school year, there have already been several crashes involving Clark County School District buses.

The Clark County School District has nearly 2,000 buses that transport thousands of kids daily. Yet oftentimes, crashes occur on Las Vegas valley roads and it’s not the bus driver’s fault.

8 News Now obtained a video recorded last week on September 12, that showed a bus traveling north on Eastern Avenue, near Bonanza Road.

The video showed a pickup truck quickly changing lanes, and striking the right side of the bus.

The crash sent six students and two adults to the hospital with minor injuries.

Last month, a school bus was driving in a gated community near Hualapai and Sunset preparing to drop off a student when it ran over a large dog.

“What was that?” the bus driver is heard saying on video dated Aug. 16. The bus did not stop.

“My daughter’s having a hard time with it. She’s 16, and she drove home and had to see everything,” Marisa Robinson, who lives in that neighborhood, said.

Those two incidents were just snapshots of bus crashes from this year.

8 News Now obtained data from CCSD through a record request that showed over the past two school years, there have been 1,138 crashes.

According to a lawsuit filed in the Clark County District Court, a driver is seeking nearly $16,000 for a crash that happened in June of 2022 at the intersection of Craig Road and Puebla Street.

Video that 8 News Now obtained from inside the school bus showed the CCSD bus driver making a wide turn and hitting the car. There weren’t any children on the bus. 

Before the 2023-2024 school year started, 8 News Now asked the CCSD transportation director about these crashes.

“We do professional development throughout the school year. We reference them as some of our professional development workshops. We typically offer those monthly throughout the school year,” Amber Rideout, director of operations transportation at CCSD, said.

Last year, CCSD upgraded its school bus cameras to allow for real-time monitoring.

According to CCSD data, school bus crashes rose steadily in the three months before the end of last school year. There were 61 crashes in March, 65 in April, and 85 in May.