LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A number of Strip resorts lit their iconic marquees and buildings in blue to express their support for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

It is all to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Department and National Law Enforcement Appreciation day.

Clark County Commissioners and community partnerships showed their support Monday afternoon at the Las Vegas sign, including Tom Kovach, the executive director of the LVMPD Foundation.

Clark County celebrates the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s 50th anniversary (Credit: KLAS)

“We at the foundation are doing our part in trying to raise the funds to make their jobs even better and to help the public understand how amazing and heroic they can be even when no one is watching,” Kovach said. “This is a community that values public safety and we know that just by living here but also because so much of our economy is based on tourism and travel and if people didn’t feel safe coming to las vegas that would be a major problem for us and were so fortunate that Metro does a great job in keeping everyone safe.”

 Police Captain Gregory Munson first started working for Metro 25 years ago.

“So I have a 25th-anniversary badge and I stand here today with the 50th-anniversary badge, 25 years later and part of a great organization,” Munson explained.

Locals like Mary Rendina said volunteering through LVMPD is also a great way to get involved in the community. Rendina’s husband did so in the past.

“If you’re just willing to help, they have people volunteering from age 30 to age 80 with some of the jobs they do, whether it’s a desk job or events to take tickets. Or like my husband, he was in charge of traffic control. So, if there was a bad accident, he would go and assist with some of the other volunteers as backup to the Metro police officers,” Rendina explained. “They just do so much in the community. some of it gets recognized and some of it they are just are unsung heroes.”

Munson said it is community relationships like these that make our city that much stronger.

“It’s really critical that we have a bigger plan to solve our problems here in the community because it’s not just crime right,” added Munson. ” There’s a lot of things that impact our community, people that are starving and people that are unhoused and it takes the business community, it takes our private partners, police department and county commissioners, all as one to solve these problems.”