Clark County homeowners could be paying a higher property tax rate

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — You could be paying more property taxes than you need to. This is an issue 8 News Now first uncovered last year, and it’s time to revisit it.

Clark County homeowners are paying between 3% and 4.8% increase on their property taxes a year.

Homeowners should have received a postcard regarding the tax abatement.

You can check the current rate increase you are paying by heading to the County Assessor’s page and entering some simple information.

Henderson resident Shauna Brennan said she never knew her property tax rate was wrong until a friend told her to check.

“For three and a half years now, this is the fourth year I am going to be paying the wrong amount,” Brennan told us.

A postcard explaining the abatement went out in March. Residents who own property and live there qualify for up to a 3% rate increase. If the county does not receive the filled out postcard, the property tax rate increase will default to 4.8%.

“It puts the cap at 3% so you do not have a cap above 3%,” explained real estate agent Elizabeth Jeser.

Jeser said she always informs her clients about the rate cap.

“It is a decreased rate of, you know, basically $18 per thousand dollars of tax assessment, which can add up,” said Jeser.

If you find your rate is wrong, you can contact the Assessor for an adjustment.

“They will send you a form by email. You sign that form, scan that form back to them or take a photo of it and attach it to an email back to them, and then they will process it,” explained Jeser.

The deadline to change the tax rate increase cap is June 30.

Brennan said it doesn’t hurt to check, “Everyone will have to look this up and call right away, get the form and have it processed.”

Checking online only takes a few minutes.

You can make that change by clicking here, or call the assessor’s office at 702-455-3882 or 702-455-4997 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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