LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Clark County hosted the Public Service Job Fair on Tuesday at the Las Vegas Convention Center, which gave job seekers the chance to meet with employers.

Andrea Butcher is looking for a change and has already applied for several positions within the city, state, and county.

“So, my goal was to come and get a contact for somebody I could ask where I am at in the process?” said Butcher. “I know so many people that want to work, there’s so many people that want jobs. They run into certain barriers whether it’s financially or not having a computer to apply.

This is why Clark County human resources director Curtis Germany said job fairs like these are that much more important to bring employment opportunities face-to-face with the community.

“It’s a great opportunity and every agency is different, right? That’s why I encourage people to come out and see what it’s all about,” Germany said.

Around 23 government agencies were present at Tuesday’s job fair with about 800 to 1,000 jobs to fill.

“So, I think coming out of covid, obviously a lot has changed, but I think for the public sector it’s been even heavier. Not just in the valley but across the nation as I talk with my peers because a lot of times public sector isn’t the first job people think of,” Germany added.

Assistant Fire Chief Mack Travis said job recruitment is always ongoing because the testing process is in two-year increments.

“We don’t have a specific number that we’re looking to hire, but just a point of reference, we started the rookie school of 107 people in January, and we plan on around rookie school of 100 people this August,” explained Travis. “We anticipate running 2 rookie schools a year, a minimum of 50 people each academy so the next couple of years we’re going to be really busy.

For those like Shaunya Williams, getting hired on the spot is a big relief.

“Feels good to me, you know just to come and actually this is my first time coming to a job fair so this experience and just to see all the companies that are currently open,” Williams said.

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