LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Two men involved in two different crashes while under the influence are now being charged with murder. Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson made the announcement this afternoon, and he is hoping this will send a clear message against impaired driving.

Wolfson is fed up with deadly DUI crashes, and in what he calls an unprecedented move, Kevin Raspperry and Aaron Kruse are facing second-degree murder charges.

Raspperry, who is accused of killing a man in October, appeared in court Wednesday. Aaron Kruse was also in court after police said he caused a fiery DUI crash on Nov. 9, killing two people.

Normally, felony DUI charges are filed in these cases, but DA Wolfson says the upgraded charges are necessary. Records show Raspperry and Kruse had blood alcohol contents that were two and a half times the legal limit, and they were excessively speeding.

“When the behavior of defendants is so reckless and so callous and in such disregard for human life, it qualifies for a charge of murder,” said Wolfson.

Second-degree murder comes with a possible life sentence.

The DA’s office has a team of prosecutors who witness the carnage first-hand.

“The only thing you can compare it to is the wreckage of a bomb going off,” said Eric Bauman, chief deputy district attorney and Vehicular Crimes Unit team chief. “They need to be held accountable for their actions, and what’s what the stiffer penalties are for. Their actions are so outrageous, and they need to be held accountable for that.”

Wolfson noted, “the damage you cause to families, other families and yourself and your own isn’t worth it.”