LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As temperatures continue to soar across Southern Nevada, experts told 8 News Now it’s important to focus on precautions and prevention to deal with extreme heat. 

“It’s very hard to handle,” Las Vegan Tracy Green Kiper said of the heat.

“I mean the heat is brutal,” Joshua Merrill added. 

Whether you’re a native of Las Vegas or just moved to the Mojave Desert, the heat we’ve been seeing this summer is downright ruthless. 

Joshua Merrill is one of many vendors who braved 114 degrees at The Las Vegas Farmers Market in the west valley Wednesday.

“Literally, we will dictate how well the day will be just by the forecast,” Merrill, who operates ‘MyMood Candle’ told 8 News Now. “Those days that it will be 115 like this week, we know the sales will not be as good as they would be.”

He said weather like this can hurt his livelihood, ruin products and cause health concerns. 

According to Clark County Coroner Melanie Rouse, 124 people died during local heat waves in 2020. So far this year, 12 people have lost their lives. 

The National Weather Service also cites extreme heat as the number one weather related killer, on average, from 1991 through 2020. 

For a look at those statistics, CLICK HERE.

“Understanding if a person is acclimated to the heat,” Rouse said. “Understanding if they have resources available to them.”

She said it’s important to take these conditions seriously and help those who aren’t used to it. 

“It’s about communicating that to the visitors in our community,” Rouse explained. “That may not be familiar with how hot that really is.”

Therefore, as these temperatures continue, Merrill urges others to understand the real danger they bring and do their best to stay safe. 

“The heat, the weather conditions,” Merrill said. “Affect a lot of people.”

“Stay hydrated,” Green Kiper concluded. “And stay in.”

Rouse also spoke on the importance of water stations for visitors who aren’t used to the weather, or anyone who’s stuck outside during the hottest part of the day.