LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Clark County Board of Commissioners voted Tuesday requiring all employees to wear face masks while in public indoor spaces. They also announced that businesses must submit a COVID plan to further detail how they are following safety protocols.

Over at “Saffron Flavors of India,” owner Rajesh Patel has been keeping up with safety guidelines and has no issue with having his employees wear face coverings.

“Our guideline is that all employees must wear a mask and that’s what we have continued to do for some time now,” said Patel.

In addition to the recent mask mandate for indoor facilities, the county announced that businesses must also post signage encouraging customers to get vaccinated.  Patel says that puts him and his business in a tough spot.

“I feel that they are asking me to take a side saying that I think you should get vaccinated,” Patel shared with 8 News Now. 

“We get customers from both spectrums, and we don’t want to alienate one or the other. That’s where I have the big problem. I’m not a medical person and I don’t want to take a side,” he said.

A couple of stores down at ‘Cups and Bowls,’ owner Steven Huang says he and his employees have been very cautious and still implement distancing as much as possible.  

“We installed plexiglass just to protect our employees and the customers that come in,” Huang said. “Usually, we have about six customers at a time in our restaurant and then we lock the doors so people can put their order in while they wait outside.”

Restaurants, along with grocery stores, indoor malls and other indoor venues that host gatherings of more than 250 people, are required to submit a COVID plan no later than Monday at 8 a.m.