LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Save Red Rock, a non-profit organization, urged the Clark County Zoning Commission Wednesday to postpone an application by Gypsum Resources for a housing development in Red Rock Canyon while under litigation with the applicant.

The commissioners voted and approved a design review and use permit for 280 single-family homes in a 563-acre development by Gypsum Resources during the Aug. 4 meeting after Robert T. Warhola, Chief Deputy District Attorney confirmed the application, “is properly before the board” and the litigation is not related to the current application.

“There is no gag order or injunction before the court,” said Warhola. Bases on that, commissioners went ahead and voted 7 – 0 in approval of the application.

Applicant, Ron Krater, a community planner representing Gypsum Resources at the Clark County meeting, submitted track development plans for the housing project on land referred to as “Blue Diamond Hill” which is located three-quarters of a mile north of State Route 159 and 1.5 miles west of the intersection of State Route 160. The current zoning does allow for the residential development of one home for every two acres.

Clark County is currently being sued by Gypsum Resources. The suit centers on Commissioner Justin Jones who has been outspoken against the housing development and previously did pro bono legal work for Save Red Rock. Jones was at the zoning meeting and made a “full disclosure” statement regarding his past relationship with Save Red Rock and his ability to vote on zoning matters.

Save Red Rock’s mission is to preserve, protect, and enhance the natural, cultural, recreational, and scenic resources in and around the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

The Save Red Rock organization was hoping to get the application decision delayed and released this statement.

“We stand by our statement that this issue is not ripe for review due to it not complying with the Clark County Code nor being properly vetted,” said Heather Fisher, President of Save Red Rock. “We continue to hold additional concerns about water access, legal road access, and the degradation of the overall Red Rock Canyon experience.”

Regarding a public comment requesting that the applicant address concerns over Red Rock Overlay preservation, the Chief Deputy District Attorney said, “The property has been mined and there is no natural setting to preserve.”

After the Clark County Commission unanimously approved the application, Gypsum Resources released the following statement:

“In advance of today’s hearing Clark County had represented that Gypsum had a duty to mitigate damages and should proceed with development plans under the current zoning classification. The project presented to the Commission is consistent with and without waiver to rights and prior approvals.  

We are pleased that the Clark County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the project today, reaffirming Gypsum’s right to develop.  

“The approval of this project today is an important step in the reclamation of a strip mine and bringing a world-class residential community to fruition” – Ron Krater, representative for Gypsum Resources 

Gypsum is moving forward immediately, working with world-class designers and architects, to prepare final development plans and looks forward to bringing this spectacular community life. 

Envisioned as a class-defining, highly-amenitized, private residential community, the project includes 280 of the highest-quality residences along with unrivalled recreation, fitness, wellness, and lifestyle amenities and programs. Gypsum can now proceed in transforming a strip mine to the most exclusive residential community in the region.”

– Gypsum Resources