LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As election day approaches concerns over worker burnout are on the radar for county leaders.

Intimidation and harassment are factors that have made many poll workers step down from their roles during previous elections.

Joe Gloria Clark County Registrar of Voters spoke with 8 News Now regarding the concerns over staffing on elections day.

According to Gloria intimidation and harassment are taken very seriously.
In the past, he says some workers have left because they’ve been frustrated with the harassment they get at the polls.

With less than 15 days away from this year’s midterm elections Clark County’s election

department said it is making sure it is at full staff and training them for November 8th.

“We’ve lost some workers but we have replaced them. We will be ready to go and fully staffed,” he said. “We get last-minute cancelations. We have to make sure we have spare people ready to go and ready to be assigned. We never turn people away that speak Spanish or Filipino.”

This year, the election department has about 2,500 workers for election day. Which is lower due to the smaller amount of polls that will be set up.

“There are challenges that are being dealt with across the country and we have been proactive with everything that we do. Those who continue to work for us, continue to come back,” Gloria said.

Joseph Chapman is a new voter and spoke to 8 News Now outside the election center as he was trying to register to vote.

He said Nevadans should remember voting is the only way to get change.

“Every vote counts and these votes count,” he added.

Early voting averages about 32 sites per day.
On election day there will be 128 voting centers across the county.