LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Clark County announced Wednesday, it will be adding a social services outreach team to the Las Vegas Strip to help foster a safer environment.

The announcement comes following an increase in homelessness. A special team of social workers, called a CARE Team, will partner with Metro police to engage with those suffering from homelessness, mental health, or substance abuse issues and to connect them with needed services, including housing and wraparound services.

The CARE Teams will connect people in crisis with programs and services such as addiction and mental health treatment, counseling, and housing assistance. County officials said in a press release, two teams will be dedicated to the Las Vegas Strip, and a third will be located at UMC.

“The CARE Teams brings those who may be suffering from mental health or substance abuse issues to the programs and services they need,” Commission Chairman Jim Gibson said in a release. “We have seen these teams work elsewhere in Clark County and believe they are part of the solution to ensuring public safety on the Strip and across our community.”

Clark County put CARE Teams in place three years ago. Currently, the teams focus on helping individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, and another team partners with Metro police to respond to people who need intervention to address mental health or substance abuse issues.