LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Several civil rights groups united on Friday to hold a protest following the video released last week showing a Clark County School District police officer take down a teenager near Durango High School.

The incident happened after CCSD police responded to what they said was a firearms call last Thursday when they came across a group of teens.

The district said it’s investigating its use of force policy.

The officer at the center of the video will be reassigned amid the internal investigation.

The protest was held at the CCSD administrative building on Sahara Avenue near Decatur Boulevard just after 6 p.m. on Friday.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Nevada is calling for the Clark County District Attorney to investigate a CCSD police officer who was accused of using excessive force on a student.

The ACLU said it doesn’t believe a firearm was involved since no weapons were found on the teens.

“If there was no video, we would have a different narrative. They would be telling us a different story. But because there is a video, no you can’t tell us that you can’t believe our lying eyes,” Robert Bush with the National Action Network said.

On Thursday, the Nevada Attorney General’s office called the actions of the officer “disturbing.”

Several civil rights groups are now calling for the school police officer to be fired.

On Friday, Nevada District Attorney Steve Wolfson released a statement regarding the incident.

Although a case has not been submitted formally to the District Attorney’s Office, I have seen the same videos the public has seen which have circulated on news outlets and social media,” District Attorney Steve Wolfson said. “If the investigating law enforcement agency – – the Clark County School District Police Department – – submits a request for prosecution to my office, I will review the matter to determine if we can prove the elements of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt, as I would any other case

Steve Wolfson, Nevada District Attorney

The CCSD police chief issued a statement which said in part his first priority is to review the agency’s use of force policy and protocols.

The ACLU is representing the two students involved in that confrontation with the CCSD police.