LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Las Vegas City Council has updated the city’s municipal code related to animal cruelty in order to help protect pets.

The updated code now states the following is required:

  • Cooling devices when the temperature is expected to exceed 105 degrees (misters, swamp coolers, or air conditioners)
  • No animal is tethered, tied, or restrained for more than 10 hours in a 24-hour period; and
  • No animal can be tethered during a National Weather Service heat advisory

The court may also now prohibit anyone who is convicted of animal cruelty from owning an animal, living in a home with an animal, or working in a business where animals are present for up to four years. If an animal dies as a result of animal cruelty, the court will prohibit the defendant of those same freedoms for a minimum of 2 years.

There are 13 animal control officers and three supervisors who are available seven days a week to help keep pets safe. Last year, that team received 20,000 calls for service.

Calls related to animal welfare go up about 50% during the summertime. After each call, animal control makes contact with the suspects to try and speak with them to evaluate the situation to make sure any pets are being cared for.

If you ever have concerns about an animal’s welfare, you can report it to animal control by calling 702-229-6444 option 2.