City Of Las Vegas holds fireworks safety event with a live demonstration

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Officials from the Las Vegas Fire and Rescue Department held a fireworks safety demonstration on Thursday, July 2, at 2 p.m. along with Ward 3 Councilwoman Olivia Diaz, Ward 1 Councilman Brian Knudsen, and Ward 2 Councilwoman Victoria Seaman at the city’s Fire Training Center on 633 N. Mojave Road.

The event is to remind the public of the proper use of legal fireworks and the dangers of illegal fireworks.

Fire Inspector Scott Thompson for Las Vegas Fire and Rescue said, “We don’t want anybody to get displaced right now, with illegal fireworks, once they leave the air, are open to the air, you can’t control where they go…Be cautious, alert, and be safe.”

Officials ask that if you see illegal fireworks going off in your area, please report the incident on the website and do not call 911 or 311 for these non-emergencies. This website will allow them to document problem areas and use this information to plan how to deploy enforcement efforts and actions.


Safety tips recommended for Fourth of July fireworks users:

  • Do not let children ignite fireworks. Keep a close watch on young children as they are 30% of those affected by firework burns.
  • Be courteous and yell out, “fire in the hole” before lighting fireworks so bystanders are aware
  • Be prepared in case of fire with a pre-connected garden hose on-hand or a bucket of water
  • Use fireworks on flat, hard surfaces away from buildings, vehicles, dry brush and bystanders
  • Closely supervise pets as loud noises can increase their anxiety or cause them to run away
  • Beware of sparklers, as they can cause serious burns or catch clothes on fire
  • Coordinate lighting items so no one will be surprised
  • Place discharged fireworks in a bucket full of water overnight. House fires can occur if you only rinse fireworks off and put them in the trash near your home
  • Clean up any trash left behind by fireworks

Councilwoman Seaman asked that our community “keep a close watch on everyone please” in order to be safe.

Deputy Chief of Fire Prevention Robert Nolen added, “The Consumer Product Safety Commission will record between 9,000 to 13,000 injuries on the Fourth of July – every year. That’s the range, about 30% of those affect children under the age of 14.”

Fire Inspector Melanie Dennon added that every year many children under the age of 12 are burned from fireworks. Many of the injuries are second-degree burns and not reported because families are not taking their children to the emergency room, so injury numbers are most likely higher than what the burn unit is reporting.

Councilwoman Diaz also explained the importance of social distancing during the Fourth of July holiday.

Gatherings such as Fourth of July celebrations bring people together, so the event served as a reminder to wear face coverings in public places, practice social distancing, and protect each other from the virus.

The demonstration was held in Ward 3 to emphasize the importance of helping curb the spread of coronavirus, which health officials say is increasing, especially among the Hispanic community.

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