LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — With the recent wildfires in California, it’s easy to see why firefighters are in high demand. It takes a lot of training, and if you’re willing to go through it, Las Vegas is hiring as it works to combat a shortage.

Firefighter’s careers used to span 40 years. Now, Las Vegas Fire Rescue says they’re retiring after 25.

Dylan Johnson is a local firefighter who said when he was a little boy, he dreamed of wearing the uniform. He tested for five years before he was hired with LVFD, and now he’s sharing what it’s like to be on the force, as well as tips for new recruits.

“It’s a tough long process. It doesn’t happen in a day or two days. It’s months over months over years of time going through the hiring process,” Johnson said.

The main requirements to become a firefighter include passing the written exam, physical testing and an interview. The course lasts around 26 weeks, and the department typically hires 20-30 after it’s completed.

Johnson said a typical day for him is about 48 hours. He usually spends two days at work and four days at home.

His advice for future firefighters?

“I would just say, never give up.”

Applications are being accepted until November 11. Fill out an application on the website if you are interested in becoming a firefighter. For more information click here. If you’d like to apply now, visit the City of Las Vegas’ human resources website.