LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Inspirada in Henderson is growing with new shops and homes but there are discussions of a Station Casinos resort opening up in the area and those in the community told they have mixed reactions.

“I think it’s appropriate out here, there are a lot of families that live around and Station Casinos typically has bowling alleys and the arcades, movie theaters, and lots of restaurants,” David Heinrich shared.

He and his son Ben said they are excited as Station Casinos is gearing up to buy 3.8 acres of land in the Inspirada Community of Henderson.

Their newest prospect, as the company is currently moving right along with their Durango Station location.

“The more infrastructure that comes around here obviously home values go up,” Andrew Zamacona said.

Some residents said they are thrilled at the value it’s adding to the community, while others had other feelings on the matter.

“I’m more leaning towards against as I feel it would bring more traffic,” Nicole Thomas said. “I could be persuaded to be neutral as long as it stays out of the residential areas.”

Kenneth Church owner of World Class Martial Arts located in Inspirada also said he is not too keen on the idea.

“I wish Station Casinos the best, but personally I would not want them here in the community,” Church said.

On Tuesday, Henderson City Council will make the final decision on whether they approve the sale of this 3.8 acres of land to Station Casinos.

The City of Henderson shared with that the council has yet to approve the development agreement and or design review which would be scheduled in the coming months if the land approval goes through Tuesday.