LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The City of Las Vegas marshals are increasing security measures downtown in the tourist corridor which includes the area from Fremont Street to THE Strat Hotel which is north of Sahara Avenue. 

Chief of Public Safety, Jason Potts, said as the summer temperatures get hotter, crime increases and the goal is to disrupt and prevent that crime.

The newly formed “FLEX” Team began in January and has already responded to 588 calls for service, resulting in 52 arrests and 115 citations. Violations include narcotics, gun possession, and even arresting a murder suspect. 

“Our focus right now is the tourist corridor,” Chief Potts said. “We want to improve crime and disorder in those areas and want to have people perceive that crime is lower, to feel safer and we do that with high visibility.”

Potts said it’s a dedicated group of 10 marshals who will patrol from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. Their work is data-driven and based on calls where there is criminal activity or concerns. 

The department also has a new initiative titled “Operation SAFER” which stands for Stronger Alliance for Enforcement and Relationships.

“The goal of Operation SAFER is to keep our city safe, keep our tourist corridor safe,” Chief Potts said. “We want to disrupt the criminal element on one hand, and we also want to engage our community and community partners on the other hand, and we do that through strong partnerships and alliances with Las Vegas Metro Police.” 

Potts said they also have strong partnerships with the courts and Clark County schools.  Both the Flex Team and Operation SAFER were launched this year.

This safety measure is in addition to a new police substation that will open in the downtown area later this year.