WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (WPEC) — A church in suburban West Palm Beach, Florida is buying a former strip club and will transform it into its new home. For Pastor Josh Mauney, his prayers and the prayers of the people in his church have just been answered.

“We’re so excited,” Mauney said. “I believe that God is opening up some doors that a 20-month old church can’t open by themselves.”

Newsound Church holds services every Sunday at Wellington High School and has about 1,000 members, but now they’re buying Double Dee’s Ranch on Southern Boulevard, turning the former bar and strip club into a church with seating for 600 to 700 people.

“I don’t mind being in a building that was a strip club any more than I mind somebody walking in our doors that had at one time in their life been a stripper,” Mauney said.

The church plans to replace the stripper poles with pews and replace lap dances and lingerie with love for the lord.

“We believe we can bring hope and healing to any location, that’s what we’re trying to do,” Mauney said.

The pastor, air force veteran, husband and father of 4 calls it a miracle that they could get a building like this. He says they really need it, because each week they had to take trailers full of lights and sound equipment to Wellington High, set it all up for church and then remove it. He’s glad the building that used to be Double Dee’s Ranch will soon be their permanent home.

“The people that call NewSound Church home are overwhelmingly excited about the idea to take a space like this and see God do something amazing in it,” Mauney said.

Pastor Mauney says a deal was reached and all that’s left is to sign the paperwork. He wouldn’t say how much the church is paying for the property. A listing on a real estate website shows the asking price was $9 million. Mauney says they’ll need to do some renovations and hope to begin holding services by early next year.