Christopher Sena sentenced to 341 years in prison

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Christopher Sena, a 52-year-old father who was convicted on Feb. 21 for sexually assaulting his children and other family members, was just sentenced to multiple life sentences. He’ll serve a minimum of 341 years in prison.

“Why didn’t you love me enough not to do this,” Anita Sena said.

A jury found Christopher Sena guilty on 95 counts of the 120 counts, including multiple counts of sexual assault with a minor, incest, use of a minor in pornography, lewdness with a child under 14 and child abuse. In total, seven children were subjected to the sexual abuse.

One of the victims, Anita Sena, fought back tears describing what happened to her.

“I was never truly his daughter in the first place,”Anita Sena said. “I was just an object for him to do awful things to because there was no one there to tell him otherwise.”

The judge was upfront with Christopher Sena about what he thought of his actions.

“I’ve never understood why we as humanity think that we can do things like this to children,” said Clark County District Judge William Kephart. “You have a very perverted mind… It’s disturbing, and I’m ashamed it has to come out of a city that I love.”

The judge said Sena won’t be available for parole until he served more than 337 years behind bars.

Law enforcement officers called the case “one of the worst cases of child sexual abuse ever seen.” The prosecutor said this is one of the most serious cases they’ve ever seen in Clark County.

“The defendant had no concern in regards to when he committed these horrendous acts upon these children and today I think justice was done,” said James Sweetin, prosecuting attorney.

Prosecutors say Christopher Sena was the ring leader and forced his wife and ex-wife to have sex with their children.  Christopher Sena’s wife, Deborah Sena, who has since divorced him and his ex-wife Terrie Sena, both testified against him during the trial. Both are currently serving prison terms.

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