LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It’s Christmas in October! Or at least that’s when big box stores want consumers to start shopping for the holidays.

Holiday savings are already underway at several retailers including Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, and Amazon where store officials say the winter discounts have hit shelves weeks earlier than usual this year.

A mix of concerns from last year’s holiday shopping season until now have provoked the head start, they say.

Kohl’s, for example, began a “Holiday Season of Unmatched Value” last Thursday. Shoppers saw 30% off coupons emailed to them that day, along with notices that they could receive $10 off $50, extra Kohl’s cash, and daily discounted items before Halloween.

Bryan Stanely, a store manager at a Las Vegas Kohl’s, says the holiday savings have arrived earlier than he’s ever seen them.

Upwards of 25 people waited at his store’s front door at Thursday’s opening, and he said that number is sometimes as low as zero on any other day.

“October is super early to see this type of interaction,” Stanely said inside his store. “We have the product right now. We’ll keep getting it through Christmas.”

Officials like Stanely said they’re pushing the savings early after seeing a slowdown over the past year.

Store shelves were seen desolate last holiday season, leaving some shoppers fearing they would miss out on the perfect present, again.

“My family, we want to make sure we get it.’ I think that after last year, there were some fears,” Stanely said. “We wanted to make sure we had triple assurance also, so we started getting goods, products earlier. I don’t know if we kind of thought it was going to happen to potentially this extent, but I think it’s good foresight that we did.”

Other stores take the incentives a step further. Big box stores like Target have joined the growing retail trend of “Buy Now, Pay Later,” or services that allow consumers to finance their purchases over several weeks, typically interest-free, this holiday season.

A recent consumer-affairs report also shows these retailers have too much inventory following supply chain shortages inflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The intention: better deals will (hopefully) take the extra goods off their hands.

Shoppers told 8 News Now they are taking advantage of the deals, whether for the winter holidays or not.

Denise Readence was brought into Kohl’s because of 30% off, purchases her loved ones may receive in a couple of months or a couple of seasons.

“I shop all year round. If I see something for someone and it reminds me of them, then I’ll pick it up and put it away and give it to them for whatever occasion that comes up,” Readence said while browsing Kohl’s bathroom aisle.

For old-fashioned shoppers, however, it may pay to wait. Several retailers have even more savings that begin closer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, for those looking for a specific product, store officials say now may be the best bet to purchase it before they run out.