CHP: Young girl’s ‘help’ sign turned out to be a hoax

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Courtesy: CHP South Sacramento/Facebook

STOCKTON, Calif. (KLAS) — The California Highway Patrol says they received reports of girl who was signaling for help from the backseat of a car on a Northern California highway, but it turns out, she didn’t need help at all.

Just after 5 p.m. on Saturday, officers say they received reports of a girl in the backseat of a car holding up a piece of paper that said, “Help me she’s not my mom. Help!!” The car was reportedly seen driving on Highway 99 near Dillard Road, just south of Elk Grove.[0]=68.ARAkLXOExIaHoPvf-wl90URh9W8Df8lIVmqOjj3H2C3JXotoUi0dwsSDWAMVSBdADfaV-E9Dcn4XIOl95-1mznmajTxuSSMUp2mdmOR_9a4UgwVoq6vE3-unV2PjYFyCjg0Wxl4kV1Qu3VIklwZ77Dm6kU5eHquV7sUsFBlufTpeA9b5BOuCn-Oo1FWaROW8QYm8-NezmzEOd93jhEy27ItnNXjwZJesraVCn80ZeRgA6Toof3C5lPxJjhbbEWUL2C-Uic9zdlnNOgFfhF92QULSksLjAwfKqZuV5tKqFCUyfwvjMCBNisZdSCOs9DYfulwYvaDsHbGfHcxWTyvLjdqpcA&__xts__[1]=68.ARDMElCIgGToCpZ80UP5daE-zJ2SAhkY-0IvwvIU5ciOVwQvvBaZ5MAiW6ihitBA8Yn_qjngeVlL1iuagDLuJbl1MhrP8KSwxAvJX6rPCLOKuvO8R7AeMHNEwk0dv7wlRcisw3Hdjev4-aRhf9C9nGfdJ4SAiiZpIjTC7u6Nybcueh54j5ZJxqo2MyluhE10DpGgY1O0zSLF_qhrFhDnBgMmj6OB8ztzOEJYCKUUHCKoqCnwrdnnynTE-UkhgyUMe-EQYsOxHDYW7woUAAwEepj9a7oiJoYNPw42KONHYmpcwnyTGNMaVz4iiBDPjhHs-bTPY5Gws_Btqws1xiEzNAqSpQ

Officials eventually located the car on Highway 99 near in Stockton and made a high-risk stop with multiple units, as well as a K-9.

CHP says the car immediately pulled over with no hesitation and they were able to talk to the driver.

It was soon determined that the girl had made it all up and “thought it was a fun thing to do,” according to CHP’s Facebook post.

The mother reportedly did not know what her daughter had been doing and officers let them leave.

CHP’s Facebook page posted about the incident and said in part, “This is a reminder that parents need to be aware of what their children are doing in the back seat at all times. Six CHP units were assigned to this call instead of responding to legitimate calls or patrolling their beats because of this hoax.”

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