Chilton County, Ala. (WIAT) — A senior prank involving Chilton County and Jemison High Schools is garnering significant attention, but what prank would gain that much attention? The answer: swapping places. Around 12 seniors from Chilton County went to Jemison High, and four from Jemison went to Chilton County.

“It was…it was a really good prank,” County Commissioner Allen Williams said.

According to several of the seniors involved with the prank, suspension was just one of the forms of punishment they face. Jemison Senior Haileigh Greer claims she was kicked off the softball team for her involvement with the prank and other Jemison students faced harsher punishments as well. She, along with most involved, felt the schools reactions were extreme.

“It was a harmless prank. We didn’t mean for it to go this far and we had no idea they would react like this,” Chilton County High senior Mallory Adams said.

Students also claim it took the schools a few hours to figure out what was going on.

“We got to the school around 7:50-55 a.m. and we stayed til 9:20 a.m. without getting caught or anything. The teachers and stuff, they didn’t notice,” Greer said.

“I walked right by the police officer and the principal in a spider-man costume and they, like, didn’t see me,” Adams said.

The news of the prank continues to gain attention online. A petition to change the students punishment has circulated and had thousands of signatures when CBS 42 last checked. Commissioner Williams also felt the punishment was harsh and says this prank opened up several issues for the schools, such as security. He also feels all punishments should be equal and that the students shouldn’t be the only ones in trouble.

“How did these students get into two of our schools? And the other thing I hope comes out of it is that they look at their punishment policies. Whether it’s the school, school board, and make it consistent for everybody involved,” Williams said.

Neither high school administration wanted to comment about the prank. Chilton County Superintendent Jason Griffin sent this statement: “Chilton County Schools follows law, policy and procedure in all aspects of day-to-day operations.”

But at the end of the day, these seniors say they have no regret about the prank.

“Heck I didn’t like Clanton people, but I actually like them now,” Greer said.

“We can’t stand Jemison, but we all came together,” Chilton County Senior Kolby Hughes said.