LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Students attending charter schools that reopen Monday morning will not be doing so in-person. Those students will be doing distance learning for at least two weeks, due to a last-minute change.

Discovery Charter School was among the 19 charter schools reopening Aug. 10 and had planned to begin face-to-face instruction, but reversed that decision a few days ago. Instead, instruction will be face-to-screen.

8 News NOW’s Hector Mejia was there for the first day of class at Mountain View Lutheran School.

Last week, the State Public Charter School Authority issued a last-minute recommendation rolling back plans for in-person classes and moving to distance learning for the charter schools opening prior to Aug. 24.

That decision left many families and schools scrambling.

Executive Director Rebecca Feiden is recommending that charter schools set to open before Aug. 24 should stay virtual for the first two weeks. She wants schools to have enough time to review the new COVID-19 approach set by Governor Steve Sisolak.

“These first two weeks they get a sense of all of this information and get a clear picture. We may, as we get more information, provide further guidance, but at this point it’s just a two-week recommendation.”

Nineteen charter schools with the SPCSA are set to open on Aug. 10, and some are now switching from a hybrid model to distance learning. The schools include:

  • Discovery Charter School
  • Equipo Academy
  • Founders Academy
  • Quest Charter Academy
  • Signature Preparatory

An additional 19 charter school are set to open the week of Aug. 17. Feiden could not confirm just yet which of those schools are switching to distance education and says the situation is fluid.