College can be a financial burden for families but a unique high school is giving local students college credits for free.

Nevada State High School will open a new location near Lamb Boulevard and Carey Avenue Thursday in an under-served area.

The mission of the charter school is to give high school students an early shot at college classes. The schools are open to high school juniors and seniors.

The enrollment is small. The new location has 35 students, but can grow to 200. Students come to the school just twice per week for specialized help. The rest of their week is spent in local college classes, with local college professors.

Many students can leave with an associates degree or be on track for a four-year degree.

“We’re solving a problem and that is kids who exit the traditional normal school not being college ready. They go into college having to take remedial classes. We’re actually taking those remedial classes as a real college experience through our program,” said Dr. John Hawk, Nevada State High School.

The charter school has been around since 2004 and Hawk says many students are returning to help mentor current high schoolers.

The grand opening for the Sunrise location is Thursday night 6:30 and it is open to the public.