LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – The grief over losing someone never goes away and groups like the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center, continue to support all families and survivors of 1 October. There soon may be a change to their name.

In an emotional interview, 8 News Now sat down with a mother who lost her son in that tragedy and why this move will benefit the community.

The grieving mother tells us that these kinds of tragedies will never end. she hopes that sharing her story for years to come will help other victims of crime heal and seek support.

Angelica Cervantes has a room filled with her son’s belongings to grieve and keep his legacy alive.

“It’s good for me to have this room, it’s a memory of him, so that way no one ever forgets about him,” she said.

Cervantes’ son Erik Silva was killed on 1 October and Silva worked security on that tragic day.

“I felt something that day and I told him, he just looked at me and he asked me what’s wrong,” Cervantes recalled. “We hugged.”

An unimaginable pain, Cervantes said she thanks the three years of therapy for helping her cope.

“It relaxes me [and] my emotions are always up and down,” she added.

Cervantes said the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center guided her through the process to get counseling.

The group’s director Tennille Pereira said the center functions as a resource hub for families and survivors of 1 October.

“So, when someone goes through a trauma like that it doesn’t just impact them, it impacts their circle of family and friends,” Pereira shared. “We actually expanded our services because we recognize that when people are dealing with significant trauma as a result of a violent crime, it’s really difficult to navigate the victims’ services.”

There are more changes to come.

“Coming up at the end of September our federal grant actually expires for 1 October,” she added.

Pereira said the expansion will allow the program to stay in place, but that’s not the only big move.

“We’re currently in the process of looking at rebranding,” Pereira told 8 News Now.

The name of the center will be different, but Pereira said the current services provided to 1 October survivors and victims will continue.

Cervantes believes this is a good idea.

“So, people don’t just feel the center is only for certain people, it’s important we provide this support for all victims,” she said.

Cervantes tells 8newsnow she is getting ready to celebrate her son’s 27th birthday on August 19.

As for the Vegas Strong Resiliency Center, the organization says the announcement of the new name will be this September.