LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Billboards to emphasize space for bicyclists went up in the south Las Vegas valley as part of a public awareness campaign following the deaths of five cyclists on Dec. 10.

Olympia Companies, the developer of Southern Highlands and Skye Canyon, donated the billboards at Interstate 15 near Starr Avenue, which is near Southern Highlands.

The “Change Lanes For Bikes” billboards emphasize Nevada law that motorists must give 3 feet of space, and move to a left lane when possible to provide more space.

Las Vegas Cyclist Memorial (LVCM) has spearheaded a public awareness campaign following a crash on U.S. Highway 95 south of Boulder City. The crash killed five cyclists, and the driver of a box truck involved in the crash faces DUI charges.

On average, the billboards have a reach of 132,000 annual daily impressions.

“Given the cycling boom spurred by the pandemic, we have more people than ever riding on the road for recreation and transportation,” says Keely Brooks, Southern Nevada Bicycle Coalition president. “If the message to ‘Change Lanes’ is top-of-mind, people can make better choices on the road and help to achieve a rate of zero collisions.”

“Las Vegas is growing rapidly. Creating a safer environment for our residents and guests takes a combination of policies that look toward long-term sustainability and education programs promoting the safety of pedestrians and cyclists,” says Chris Armstrong, vice president of Olympia Companies. “Support from our entire community is essential to initiate change.”

Nevada is one of 33 states to enforce a 3-feet law and is one of five states to specify that motorists should move into an adjacent lane to the left if the lane is available when passing a cyclist.

The campaign’s goal is to achieve zero collisions and end traffic fatalities of cyclists.

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