#CES2019: Roll up TV’s and wearable technology are big this year

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CES 2019 is officially underway in Las Vegas and showing off what’s hot in the world of high-tech devices.

One of the major trends gaining steam at this year’s show is artificial intelligence. That includes a KB Homes robot that can project and play movies on any surface — all with the sound of your voice.

Another trend this year, like every year, are televisions, which are bigger, better and brighter, and also more convenient. That includes roll out televisions from LG. The first-of-their kind TV’s use OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology which makes them flexible.

WEB EXTRA: High-tech TVs at CES 2019

“We’ve kind of embraced that and to be able to roll that up into there, so you can enjoy a big screen TV but also again have your actual room design still be really really good as well,” said Damon Ekstam, LG area sales manager.

TV’s from LG and other companies are also highlighting 8K which is enhanced picture detail, at 33 million pixels.

“Now you can enjoy a large screen up closer and you don’t see a lot of image issues that we normally see,” Ekstam said.

Wearable technology is also trending this year at CES. That includes the Philips Smart Sleep Snoring Relief Band.

“It actually detects when you’re sleeping on your back, and what we find is that most people will snore when they’re sleeping on their back, so what it will do is actually buzz you to make you sleep on your side,” said Mark Michels, buisness leader, Philips Health Sleep Solutions. “So, you’re getting a better night’s sleep and you’re getting a nudge at exactly the right time.”

Wearables is a big theme this year, but in addition to standard wearables, there’s a big focus on health and wellness.

#CES2019: Health and wellness wearable technology is big this year 


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