LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — CES 2022 is almost here, and with people from 160 different countries and 2,200 exhibitors on site, this year’s show is set to be a nice welcome back after a year of going digital and being socially distant.

8 News Now spoke with CES spokesperson Allison Fried, who shared her excitement about this year’s return. 

“Coming back here with that face-to-face interaction is something that the industry wants and needs, and our exhibitors are thrilled to get back together in person to do business,” Fried shared.

Hiba Kim from South Korea says he feels lucky he got the opportunity to come in person this year.

“We are happy to present in person, so we can show our product to people all around and have them physically touch the product,” Kim said. “It makes such a difference.”

This year’s showcase is a hybrid with both in-person and online registration available, but with the threat of the Coronavirus, the electronics show will end a day early, making it a three-day event from Jan. 5 to Jan. 7. 

“Ending the show a day early was just another way to add an extra layer of protection and precaution,” Fried said. 

Jason Soto, who runs Vu Studio, says attending CES 2022 was vital for his company, and he is pleased with how the organizers decided to handle things.

“I think that was a smart move on CES’ part,” Soto said. “They obviously saw somewhat of a reduction that they didn’t publicize in the number of attendees, so let people be at the show for three days and then off they go, as it reduces exposure.”  

The annual trade show requires proof of vaccination through the CLEAR app and requires that masks be worn indoors. Optional self-testing kits will be given out to those who attend as well.