LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Automakers from all around the world gathered at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to show how the industry is going green with the latest electric vehicles.

Although CES attendance might be low due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are still using the show to make headlines around the world.

Vietnamese automaker VinFast unveiled its electric fleet that could come to the U.S in the near future, and Turkish automaker Togg pulled back the curtain on their concept vehicle.

According to Gurcan Karakas, Togg’s electric car is showing off the future of auto technology.

“We are right at the beginning of the transformation, we are born into that. In that sense, it’s more than a car in the ecosystem itself, we believe the living rooms and the offices will be similar to these smart devices,” said Karakas.

American automakers also came in with their products: Chrysler unveiled the fully electric airflow concept that could hit the road by 2025 and also announced their plans of a fully electric portfolio by 2028.

General Motors attended the show virtually and made waves online and on social media, unveiling the 2024 Silverado, its first electric pickup.

“Really overall, the pickup truck has got a lot of technology in it,” said Chief engineer of the Silverado Nichole Kraatz. “400 miles of range is a huge number, so the anxiety around the range and whether or not you will find a charge station, General Motors is building EV Grow and other charge stations publicly so people can find charging.”

GM is taking reservations online for its release in mid-2023.

“A transformation of the auto industry to go into the EV space, there is a lot of competition and I think General Motors is very well poised to be competitive in that space,” Kraatz said.

As electric cars take over CES, it was announced this week that Nevada will receive $38 million from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to expand the electric charging network up and down the state.