LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — August is National Black Business Month, and it’s a chance to showcase the successes of getting a dream off the ground.

Hasan Tesfa is a local Black business owner and is the man behind Sea Moss Prime products.

“It’s an anti-inflammatory, it breaks up inflammation in the body, so it’s great for stiff joints,” Tesfa said.

He told 8 News Now gwetting his new company to scale was a challenge. He got help from another black-owned company, Global Soko.

“They’ve allowed me to branch out to different markets, to step into the digital space, and they set me up with a website so I can reach out more,” he said.

Moses Kusasira is the CEO of Global Soko, and he helps young entrepreneurs sell their products online.

“These individuals don’t even know each other but now they’re collaborating and selling together,” Kusasira said.

Emme Kusi, owner of Awesome Shea, said the platform gives business owners recognition and adds a new way to compete in the marketplace.

“The challenges we’re having is creating a website, because nowadays with the e-commerce business and the whole pandemic, we’ve had to brainstorm and think outside the box,” Kusi said.

Kusasira said celebrating Black-owned businesses this month is a great way to show appreciation and give a helping hand.

“Our whole goal is to provide people the ability to use this software at a cheaper rate and sometimes free. The idea is that we have to include everybody from the mom-and-pop shops all the way to big brands,” he said. “This month is Black business month, so anybody can participate.”