LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The tech industry including areas in automotive and computer coding continues to be male-dominated.

A Clark County high school is leading efforts to change that by helping younger students see their possibilities.

Aubrey Knowlton is one of the dozens of middle school students that visited the Southwest Career and Technical Academy on Tuesday to get first-hand experience in automotive, coding, and graphic design workshops. “It’s really fun so far. This is like really fun,” Aubrey Knowlton, a 7th grader in the program said.

The goal is to show them different possible career paths as early as high school.

“You can’t aspire to be something that you don’t know exists. So, if we never show you something how would you know you wanted to be it,” Donna Levy the principal at Southwest Career and Technical Academy expressed.

Throughout the day the students learned how to write code, design a video game character, and even change a tire on a car.

“A lot of girls feel discouraged to like cars because of societal norms. So, I think it’s a very big thing to show these girls like hey boys can do it but we can too,” Dalia Sandoval a junior automotive student told 8 News Now.

The students took a big interest in the automotive and coding that they learned, and the school says they’ll continue this program for years to come.

If any of the middle schoolers are interested in those fields, they can apply to study that specific area at the Southwest Career and Technical Academy once they reach their freshmen year.