LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Connecting kids with cops is just one of the ways Clark County School District Police try to build relationships with students they protect. 

It was a party in the quad at Spring Valley High School Tuesday.

“Super fun,” said Emma Harris, a freshman at Spring Valley high School. “It was really enjoyable.”

The mood was festive at Pop with Cops as students danced alongside CCSDPD. Others enjoy sweet treats.

Local celebrities also volunteered their time at the event as campus officers passed out popsicles and engaged with students.

“It was good because it shows that they’re not always bad people and they always can be fun and not just about arresting people,” said Jyaire McGee, student junior.

“They spend a lot of hours with us, and we want them to know who we are,” said officer Terry McAninch, CCSD Police.

This type of event is a first for Spring Valley High but not for the school district. A campus officer working at CCSD originally introduced the concept at Cheyenne High School in January.

“We had a lot of gang violence, kids getting shot at night, all kinds of problems; then I got together with some of my friends, and reached out,” said Officer McAninch said. “We need to have a community event. Try to show the kids it’s ok to talk to us. We’re normal.”

According to McAninch, these events improve police relationships with students.

“The more we know names and stuff, and we can say ‘hey, John or hey, whatever, knock it off; stop, you’re going to come with me,'” McAninch said. “We’ll settle things without no one getting hurt.”

The Pops with Cops event also make officers more relatable.

“I got to have conversations with them and see what they’re really like,” said Jyaire McGee, a student junior.

Campus police at Spring Valley High School are planning more officer/student engagements this year. It’s unknown if other schools plan to host similar events.