LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As a new school year begins, there is a need for more bus driver and substitute teacher positions throughout the school district.

8 News Now spoke to parents and teachers who say these shortages have been a continuing issue and they hope this year it gets resolved.

Karina Singer, a parent expressed frustration over late bus pick-up times, “Our first day of school we went to the bus at 7:04 a.m. like we were supposed to, and by 8:00 a.m. the bus still had not shown up.”

Singer added that the first day back to school for her daughter didn’t start so well, she says she ended up driving her daughter and her friends to school.

“It’s been happening since Kindergarten and it’s extremely frustrating,” she explains.

The situation over late bus pick times can be especially frustrating for parents who go to work early and rely on buses to get their children to school on time.

Singer also expressed her concerns on the substitute teacher shortage, “So I think that you know, even with the Subs too, it’s been an issue for a long time.

I think that they need to vet these people better and probably pay them a higher wage so that they can get better people.”

Kristian Nigro, a CCSD Kindergarten teacher at Steve Shore Elementary school, also weighed in on the shortage and said she has seen how tough it can be as a teacher to find a substitute teacher to cover.

“You know the sub-issue is one of these things.

That’s literally the bane of my existence.

Like it is very, very difficult when trying to take time away.

For example, I actually have to take 4 days off this coming September.

My mother passed away,” Nigro said.

She also expressed concern over the shortage of licensed educators.

“Tutors are specifically there to help the kids that need a little extra help and instead they’re getting pulled in all different directions to go and fill in substitute positions because we can’t get the subs and so we’re finding that we have to move the counselor into a classroom,” she said.

Singer has a message for the school district as the new year begins, “CCSD you need to do better. We’re putting our kids in your hands. We don’t take them to a doctor without thoroughly vetting them.”

Both parents and teachers that spoke to 8 News Now say they hope to see change sooner rather than later.

Nigro’s advice to the school district is, “Really go through these applications and get these substitute teachers in because this is so unfair for not only the students but the employees.”

8 News Now contacted CCSD in regards to the shortages this year, the school district sent a statement that reads in part:

CCSD has more than 4,000 teachers in it’s substitute teacher pool and currently has 239 bus driver vacancies.

CCSD hires year round for all available positions and offers paid training for those interested in obtaining their commercial drivers license.”

Clark County School District

CCSD also tells 8 News Now they are working hard to staff the more than 1500 bus routes.