LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A few days after Clark County School District Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara announced he plans on staying in his position, school board trustee Danielle Ford Tweeted her reaction.

In a set of Tweets she posted Sunday afternoon she wrote, “There are current issues related to me, an elected official, being excluded from Board/attorney meetings, purportedly for violating confidentiality. There is no established precedent for this action, and there is no definitive proof that any breach of confidentiality occurred within the parameters set previously.”

Last week Jara released a statement regarding his future with the school district on Friday evening following a tense few months with school board trustees.

In his statement, he announced he would return as acting superintendent on Monday, Dec. 6 which he did.

His full statement is as follows below.

This afternoon I reached an agreement with the majority of the board on the best path forward for the 305,000 students of Clark County, and on Monday, December 6th I’ll return to serving our community as Superintendent.

Over the last five weeks, we’ve seen too much adult-centered attention instead of focusing on the 305,000 students we’re here to serve. As my team continued to lead our district – the 5th largest in America – through devastating pandemic-related learning disruptions and challenges for our students’ mental health, there were too many adult-centered distractions that caused instability for our students, parents, and our team. That is unacceptable; and now is the time to move forward. 

When I took this job three and a half years ago, I made a commitment to the students and families of this district, and over the past three and a half years, I’ve worked to create real solutions to some of our greatest challenges – staffing shortages, mental health, equity, and a safe return to in-person learning, among others. I’m proud of the work our team has done leading our system and our students through one of the greatest disruptions to their learning and well-being that any of us have ever faced, and my work here isn’t finished. 

There are too many children in this community that have been left behind. I won’t walk away from them. As an immigrant, and as a child who worked his way out of poverty through education, and as a parent, I understand what’s at stake for all the children we serve. That’s why starting on Monday, in this critical moment, we’re going to continue working day and night to make sure that we re-center our focus on our students’ safety, mental health, and unfinished learning. These are our core priorities.

Dr. Jesus Jara, CCSD School Superintendent

Dr. Jara’s announcement came after weeks of tense talks between school board members.

At the end of October, the trustees voted 4-3 to terminate his contract for convenience, meaning they did not have to give a reason.

Initially, Jara’s last day was set to be Dec. 1st, but the trustees threw out their vote to terminate his contract in mid-November.

CCSD School Board Trustees also released a statement on the latest developments Friday evening saying they had come to an agreement with Dr. Jara. The full statement is listed below.

The Clark County School District Board of School Trustees reached an agreement with Dr. Jesus F. Jara to continue as superintendent. While the first step of this process is completed, we will continue striving for a more collaborative, respectful, and supportive Board and Superintendent relationship. We move forward by refocusing our attention on the students of this District and their academic outcomes through our roles as trustees.

CCSD School Board Trustees

CCSD has had 12 different superintendents since the inception of the school district in 1956.

In the past 20 years, five different superintendents have held the position.

Dr. Jara has been serving as CCSD superintendent since 2018.