LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Clark County School District (CCSD) has committed to using all available funding via Senate Bill 231 to pay CCSD educators and staff “above and beyond” the agreements negotiated this year.

CCSD, the Education Support Employees Association (ESEA,) and Teamsters Local 14 agreed to negotiate the SB 231 funds once the Nevada Department of Education (NDE), Legislative Counsel Bureau (LCB), and Interim Finance Committee (IFC) provide information related to the bill.

CCSD offered to use 66% of the District’s SB 231 funds for licensed professionals’ salaries, and based on CCSD’s staffing counts and the $250 million granted by SB 231, it’s funding lands in the $170 to $180 million range if approved by IFC.

According to the law as written, CCSD can only spend funds it is appropriated. The state is still determining the allowance to school districts from the funds of SB 231. School districts do not know what their portion will be just yet. 

CCSD and ESEA agreed to have a sunset clause in the agreement as of June 30, 2025. The District declared that any use of the funds must include a sunset clause that matches the one agreed, in SB 231. There is no statutory assurance that the Nevada Legislature will continue the SB 231 funds after June 30, 2025.

LCB aligned with CCSD’s understanding that the broadest eligibility should apply to teachers and support staff employees when negotiating the funds.

“Should future lawmakers decide to continue funding education-related staff in this manner in the next session, that will be their choice. Still, CCSD will not jeopardize its finances based on the expressed hopes of CCEA and the legislators who wish it were so,” CCSD said in a release.

Last week, CCEA claimed that CCSD Superintendent Jesus Jara “mischaracterized” how SB 231 works in order to “justify his refusal to give educators the raise they deserve.”

Today, Aug. 23, CCEA stated it “stands firm” on its position regarding the Bill.

Some lawmakers are urging the District to negotiate on their intentions, but CCSD stated it will base its commitments on the reality of the law as written.  

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