LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Clark County School District issued a statement early Friday following a late night school board meeting where numerous teachers expressed concerns about their health care coverage and unpaid medical bills.

“Despite the presentation to the Board, the CCEA failed to adequately explain the $42 million THT deficit, or satisfactorily and accurately answer questions about the solvency of the THT,” said the statement which was released shortly after midnight.

THT Health, the non-profit insurance which covers thousands of district teachers and their families, is having money problems. THT Health is overseen by CCEA, the teachers’ union. Executive Director John Vellardita, said the trust has not been adequately funded by the school district for years and needs an increase in contributions to avoid more an increasing deficit.

The district’s statement said the burden shouldn’t fall on employees.

CCSD teachers deserve an effective, functioning health plan that provides for them and their families. If teachers are worried about their health coverage and whether their health needs will be covered, then they are unfairly burdened by the inadequate coverage purportedly provided under the THT plan.

Teachers should not be rejected by health providers because the provider has no confidence that payment will occur for services rendered. Further burdening teachers and their families with higher contributions for inadequate coverage is unconscionable. The Clark County School District cannot stand by while the Teachers Health Trust burdens teachers with higher expenses for less coverage.

Clark County School District Statement