CCSD teacher’s school year suggestion gaining favor with community

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Many did not like the initial proposed CCSD reopening plan when it was released. In response, hundreds submitted recommendations to the district for consideration.

Trustee Danielle Ford claimed more than 650 people offered various ideas.

One came from a CCSD teacher. Her proposal focuses on offering classes all year long, instead of students taking four courses a semester.

The idea is gaining favor with the community on social media.

“We tried to stay within the parameters that they already have for their plan, except make it so that the kids have all of their classes all year,” explained Kim Ritzer, choir teacher at Green Valley High School. She’s been with the school for 29 years.

Ritzer disagrees with CCSD wanting to condense year-long courses into a semester for secondary students.

“Kids taking AP classes, IB classes, even special learners. They need to have that information all year long to help them retain the information.”

She submitted an alternative reopening proposal to the district. It keeps the three cohorts of blended and distance learning but offers six- and eight-period schedules for students to take classes all year.

“So, I tried to take the time constraints that they gave us in their plan and fit all those classes in.”

It’s an idea for the Board to consider when modifying the current reopening proposal. Ford posted various recommendations to her website. They include not holding classes in portables and allowing high-risk educators to choose only distance learning.

CCSD Teacher Vicki Kreidel said there are a lot of teachers who want to teach exclusively online. It’s just another option the district has as it works to find a solution.

“Basically, what this comes down to is what will be safe and what’s actually going to work,” said Kreidel.

Ford said certain special education students should receive priority and have the option to come back full-time. She suggested those classes be moved to libraries and larger rooms to maintain social distancing.

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