LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As the unions say they are awaiting more information on the Clark County School district vaccine policy, CCSD, itself has some changes on standards for hiring substitute teachers.

The district currently has 750 teacher vacancies, which is drastically increasing the need for substitute teachers.

“Currently our substitute teacher position is one of our critical labor shortage positions,” says Nadine Jones the Chief of Human Services for CCSD.

Through Nov. 1, the district can hire emergency substitute teachers with a license, who only have a high school diploma, instead of the usual 60 college credits. The emergency substitute teacher hires will in turn receive a special license for one year.

“I know some of the other feedback is that we’re lowering the standards. It’s really not that in terms of ongoing, it’s really just to help the district to staff up,” says Jones.

Kindergarten teacher Kristan Nigro tells 8 News Now she worries a mandate will only push more educators away.

“How does that benefit the kids? How is that going to teach our kids to be the next leaders of the United States of America?” Nigro asks. “I get very concerned about that because a warm body does not mean a good education,” she adds.

Now Nigro, and other educators, are pushing fo more information on the vaccine mandate from the district, saying jobs are on the line.

“People want to know what they need to prepare for. Whether that looks like, ‘well I guess I have to get the vaccine now because I can’t afford to lose my job’ or if people are thinking ‘well I guess it’s time to resign and go to another state that doesn’t have this mandate,” Nigro adds.

8 News Now asked CCSD how many staff members have resigned since the vaccine mandate was announced. The district was unable to immediately provide that information at this time.